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Here's a sampling of some of the hundreds of books we have for sale.  If you see anything you'd like, drop us a line.  We'll confirm its availability and tell you how to buy it.  If you are looking for something else that's not in print (and who isn't) tell us what it is.  If we have it, we'll let you buy it from us.  If we don't have it, we'll try to find it for you, or tell you where you can get it.

Charles Edward Potter, Genealogies of Some Old Families of Concord, Mass., and Their Descendants in Part to the Present Generation. 143 pages, 8x11, soft cover.  This book is a facsimile reprint (Heritage Books, 1995) of a work originally published in 1887.  It contains genealogical information in tabular form concerning the earliest settlers of Concord and their descendants (Barrett, Blood, Brooks, Brown, Bulkeley, Buttrick, Conant, Davis, Farrar, Flint, Hartwell, Hayward, Hosmer, Hubbard, Jones, Minot, Potter, Prescott, Wheeler, Willard, and Wood families) and biographies of many of them (especially Barrett).  Condition: new.  Price, postage paid:  $23.00

William Eleazar Barton, Doctor of Divinity, Lieutenant William Barton of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Descendants (Vaile Press, Oak Park, Illinois: 1900).  148 pages.   A most charming, if somewhat limited family history, by the biographer of Ms. Clara Barton.   One of our competitors is offering this book for $25 (plus postage) with the following description: "Worn paperback with glue staining on spine, binding cracked, covers loose at the top 4" or so. The book is  water stained at the spine edge of each page. Ex-Lib."  Alternatively, you can buy our copy for $20, postage paid.  The binding is shot, but the pages are clean -- an ideal candidate for rebinding (kidskin would be nice).  This volume is also avail on CD from Digital Editions.

L. Vernon Cabot, History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family, 1475-1927. Two volumes;  xxiv + 887 pages, 7x9, with index; published in Boston, 1927, by Charles E. Goodspeed.   A most interesting account of the Cabots of Massachusetts and the closely related families, most notably the Perkins family, with remarkable details as to the manner in which these families accumulated obscene wealth in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, first  through privateering, then through trade in beaver pelts and opium, etc. ...  You can buy inferior on-demand reprints of these volumes for about $300;  You can buy this first edition from our competitors for $350.  You can buy the all-electronic CD version from  Digital Editions for $47 (shipping included). Or you can buy this clean copy of the first edition from us, in red cloth binding with gold stamping, in very good condition  for $250, postage paid.  These volumes would be in fine condition, except that the gold stamping on the spine is worn/faded.

Robert Piercy Dow, The Book of Dow: Genealogical Memoirs.  1013 pages, 7x11.  This heavy tome, published in 1929 by Robert P., John W., and Susan F. Dow of Claremont, New Hampshire, gives us the history of Henry Dow (1637), Thomas Dow (1639), "and others of the name immigrants to America during Colonial times," and their descendants.  We admit to having purchased this volume accidentally -- we already owned a copy.  Condition: "good." Cover a bit soiled; one page torn (easily mended without loss of integrit y).  Price, postage paid, $90.00

Harry Wright Newman, Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation.  590 pages, 7x9, indexed, published by the author in Washington, 1952, in a numbered print-run of 350 copies.  Subtitle: "A Genealogical History of Mareen Duvall, Gent., of the Province of Maryland and His Descendants With Histories of the Allied Families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall, and Merriken."  Our competitors offer a print-on-demand xerographic photocopy with a generic paper-back binding for $200 or so.  You can buy the Digital Edition for $40 (shipping included).  The only other first edition we've found on the market  (no. 275 of 350) has a four-inch scratch on the front cover, two white spots on the back cover, penciled notes in the text, and inked "genealogical data" on the back end papers.  It's priced at $350.  Or, you can buy our copy (no. 57 of 350), in unmarked, very good (nearly fine?) condition (one of the tipped-in images has come unglued, but can easily be reattached), with a clean, spotless red cloth cover  gold stamping.  Our price is $250, including packaging and postage.

Richard Gentry, The Gentry Family in America.  408 pages, 6x9, indexed.  This is an extraordinarily  fine 1978 facsimile reprint (by Goodspeed of Boston) of a volume originally published in New York 1909 by the Grafton Press.   Digital Editions is offering this volume on CD for $30 (shipping included).  The only other copies we've found in the marketplace are xerographic reprints in "flex" or paper covers, ranging in price from $55 to $152.25.  A copy of the same edition we are offering in red buckram with gold stamping recently sold on eBay for $160.  Its condition was not nearly as good as ours.  You can have our copy for $110, postage paid.  It's in fine, nearly mint condition.  Only defects: slight crinkling of the front cover end paper (a binder's gluing error) and a previous owner's book plate.

Charles H. Stone, The Stones of Surry, first edition (1951).  272 pages, 8x6.  This volume has been in the family for years.  Mother gave it to us because she already had the second edition.  The second edition (which is now available on CD from Digital Editions) updates the first edition with information about families (mostly in the twentieth century) that somehow escaped the compiler's notice when he put together the first edition.  Condition:  Good (mother wrote in updated info on her family and the endpiece pedigree chart is detached, but present).  Price, postage paid, $40.00

William Montgomery Clemens, North and South Carolina Marriage Records from the Earliest Colonial Days to the Civil War305 pages, 6x9.  This book, published by the Genealogical Publishing Company in 1973, is a reprint of a work originally published in 1927.  Alphabetical by surname (with entries under the names of both the husband and the wife), showing both the date and place of marriage.   Condition: nearly fine (previous owner's rubber stamp impression in front and back and on at least one (possibly more) pages within.   Price, postage paid, $40.00

Margaret K. Fresco, Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1634-1900, 3d edition (1989), 527 pages, 7x11.  This privately-printed volume consists of three parts:  marriages, deaths, and emigrants (i.e., persons who left the county), with entries in alphabetical order by surname.  It  contains complete transcriptions of information found in original sources -- all religious denomination.  However, data Americans of African ancestry is not included.  Condition: mint in maroon, library quality binding, gold stamped.   Price, postage paid, $75.00

Jo White Linn, Surry County, North Carolina Wills, 1771-1827: Annotated Genealogical Abstracts. 227 pages, 6x9, indexed.  This volume was published in 1992 by the Genealogical Publishing Company (one of our favorite publishers), but is now, apparently, out of print.  An enlarged, corrected version of the first edition, published by the author in 1974, it contains not only wills, but also powers of attorney, bonds, inventories, bills of sale, and other instruments, many of which have not been recorded in other sources.   At the date of its founding, in 1771, Surry County included the present-day counties of Ashe, Alleghany, Wilkes, Yadkin, Stokes, and Forsyth.  Condition:  mint in green buckram with gold stamping.  Price, postage paid, $40.00.

Eliza T. Davis, Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750.  184 pages, 5x8, indexed, as reprinted for Clearfield, 1980, by the Genealogical Publishing Company.  This volume contains abstracts of more than 1,200 of the county's earliest wills and administrations.  It is in print (last time we looked) and available from Amazon and B&N for $21.50.  Or,  you can buy this mint-condition copy from us for $21.00 postage paid, and get it by return mail.