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Bargains . . .

A good place to find used books, old books, bargain books, rare books.  We've got  thousands in our climate-controlled warehouse -- mostly histories and genealogies.  To see a sample, click here.  If you don't see what you want, drop us a line.  We'll look for it.   Chances are, we'll find it.

Speaking of bargains, here's a self-sacrificing e-publisher who scans classic genealogies, converts them to Rich Text Format (so you can use them with your own word processing software) and sells them on CDs, usually at a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for paper-based products.   Here's a site you have to visit!

What's in Print . . .

Here are a few of the books in print that are especially useful to genealogists and family historians:

Families and Family Associations:  some great genealogies available directly (and usually only) from family associations and individuals.

Publishers who specialize in genealogy:  Your local bookstore will be happy to order their products for you, but you will probably pay less if your buy them directly from the source!

New books from commercial retailers:  Some recommended titles.  Also a couple of search engines with which you can find just about everything else in the commercial book market.

Auctions . . .

Caveat emptor.   Seems like just about everybody these days is touting e-Bay as a great place to buy genealogies and family histories.  You can indeed find some real bargains there, but you can also get burned.  Here's some advice that will save you money AND grief!

"Add a URL" or . . .

We're not a "portal" -- there are plenty of those around, usually full of bandwidth-greedy ads -- and we're not a search engine.  But if you've published a genealogy or a family history and want us to help you market it, drop us a line.   Don't have a URL?  No problem.  We can still advertise your book and tell prospective customers where to get it.  We make no promises, but surely every little bit helps.

Domain Names . . .

Alright.  Sometimes we get carried away! A while back, we bought a number of genealogy and cooking-related domain names.  We can't possibly use them all, so we're offering some of them for sale.

Contact us . . .

Here's the info you need to reach us -- an email address and a telephone number.

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